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We are Singapore! and throughout history, we've been known by many names: The Lion City, The Little Red Dot, Temasek, Singapura, Garden City, Fine City and we've also been synonymous with many things as well: efficiency, kiasu-ism, singlish just to name a few. 

We thought to ourselves: why can't we have a gift pack that encapsulates the spirit and lives of many Singaporeans? something that can bring back fond memories yet at the same time, be representative of Singapore.  

Behold the Singapore FUNpack specially curated by WeCare Pack. We've gathered suggestions by fellow Singaporeans from all walks of lives to create the perfect pack to reminisce our favourite things about Singapore — new and old, classic and trendy.

You will find this Funpack to be a really authentic and special one, something for us to celebrate what it is to be Singaporean, what it is to be living here. With snacks, toys, and mementos, this is an extremely apt gift to make National Day a special one with family and friends.

This FUNpack includes:

  • Classic Snacks (to remind you of Singapore)
    • 1 x Haw flakes candy
    • 1 x Gem biscuits
    • 1 x Muruku Fish Snack
    • 2 x Milo powder sachets

  • Classic Items (makes you think of your childhood)
    • 1 x Singapore Flag (mini)
    • 1 x Singapore Flag Eraser
    • Choice of 2 x Classic toys (Flying gliders/Bubble toy/5 Stones or Paper ball)


  • SG Themed Trendy Stuff
    • 1 x Salted Egg-Yolk potato chips
    • 1 x Singapore Rendang Paste
    • 1 x Customisable vacuum mug (Choice of Design)
    • 1 x SG Themed Sticker Sheet
    • 1 x NY Cocktail Drink Infusion - (Singapore Sling)

  • 1 x Personalised A6 Message card

United as ONE - Singaporean @ heart always regardless of the land we're on

    Note: WeCare Pack reserves the right to replace any item in the gift set with an equivalent priced item should the intended item be out-of-stock or unavailable.

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