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A father is someone whom we do not give enough credit for. He is a role model; the pillar of support in the family, and often shows his love by contributing silently. 

Celebrate this special man with a beer and a heartfelt message from your heart! Here's a simple and great gift for all dads and dads-to-be!

The gift set includes: 

1 x Clear Beer Glass, 450ml (with name personalisation)
1 x Carlsberg Pilsner, 5% Alc, 330ml
2 x Osuda Freeze Dried Fruit Chips - Assorted, 20g
1x A6 Message Gift Card


Note: WeCare Pack reserves the right to replace any item in the gift set with an equivalent priced item should the intended item be out-of-stock or unavailable.


This gift set contains alcohol. You must be of the statutory legal age of 18 years old to purchase this item.

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