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Power through your workday with a hot beverage! The must-have WFH essential for his/her table setup - the USB Cup Warmer. Transform the work station into a haven of warmth and convenience with this innovative and stylish accessory.


  • Powered by a USB connection, this cup warmer is super easy to use, simply plug it into his computer or any USB port, and it's ready to keep his favorite beverage warm throughout the day. Whether it's his morning coffee, afternoon tea, or a comforting hot chocolate, this handy gadget ensures that his drink stays at the perfect temperature.
  • With the ability to power up to 80 degrees, this cup warmer ensures that his beverage remains warm and enjoyable for longer periods. No more rushing through his work or worrying about cold sips. He can take his time and savor every moment.
  • Not only does the USB Cup Warmer excel in functionality, but it also adds a touch of style to his work area. Its sleek and compact design acts as a chic desktop accessory, blending seamlessly with his workspace setup. With dimensions of 10.3cm x 1.6cm, it fits perfectly on his desk without taking up much space.
  •  Cleaning is a breeze with this cup warmer. Its smooth surface is easily wiped clean, ensuring that it stays hygienic and ready for the next beverage break.
  • Upgrade his work-from-home experience with the USB Cup Warmer. It's the perfect combination of practicality and style, providing him with the warmth he needs to stay productive and comfortable throughout the day.



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