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Similar to the 'The Protector' care pack, 'The Unsung Hero' is specially curated for the silent contributors such as teachers who are keeping our education system going during the pandemic. They may not be saving lives every day like the doctors and nurses, but they are given no time to redesign the curriculum and pivot to home-based learning so the students can continue their learning from home.


A teacher is the heart of the educational system and their well-being is essential to learning. Parents can send their child's teachers an 'Unsung Hero' care pack to appreciate their efforts or as a motivation booster! It is great as a gift between colleagues too.


The care pack includes:

2 x Osuda Freeze Dried Fruit Chips (Assorted flavours, 20g each)
1 x Hand Sanitizer (50ml)
1 x Box of Surgical Mask (50pcs)
1 x Vitamin C Effervescent (10 Tablets)
1 x Brand's Innershine Berries Essence (42ml)
1 x No Contact Key hook (for pressing buttons and opening doors)
1 x Mask Box (for keeping surgical masks)
1 x USB Cup Warmer (to keep that coffee/tea warm)
1 x Gift Box with A6 Message Card


Note: WeCare Pack reserves the right to replace any item in the gift set with an equivalent priced item should the intended item be out-of-stock or unavailable.

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