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We all have that one 'Fitspo' friend who loves working out and is always eating healthy. 'The Fitspo' is one of our OG Care Packs which we specially curated for this group of people so they can work out and keep fit during the Circuit Breaker period in Singapore.

Think of this pack as a box loaded with 'power-ups' and immune system upgrades to keep your loved ones healthy and fit! This specially curated care pack contains essential items for a basic home work-out and some healthy snacks that your 'fitspo' friend can munch on without feeling guilty!

This care pack is perfect for someone who enjoys exercising and keeping fit, or as a get well soon gift!

The care pack includes:


1 x Nature's Wonders Fruits & Nuts Fusion (130g)
1 x Exercise Stretch Band (1 Pc)
1 x Fruit/Muesli Bar (1 Box, Halal)
1 x Hand Sanitizer (50ml)
1 x Manuka Honey 340g
1 x Exercise Resistance Band (Set of 5)
2 x Osuda Freeze Dried Fruit Chips (Assorted flavours, 20g each)
1 x Gift Box with A6 Message Card


Note: WeCare Pack reserves the right to replace any item in the gift set with an equivalent priced item should the intended item be out-of-stock or unavailable.

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