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Social Good 55 (SG55)

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Singaporeans in many different ways. WeCare Pack was founded on the purpose of providing a meaningful way to thank the people who are braving the frontlines or answering to their call of duty. Social Good 55 (SG55) is a social initiative by WeCare Pack to give back to the society.

WeCare Pack has given companies, individuals and colleagues a means to say thank you to their employees, friends, family members, team mates and co-workers. Over the past couple of months, our care pack has provided folks with something really tangible in this age of social distancing and remote working.

And in the same vein, our team always wanted to bring the same tangible love to those who may need more help than others during this unprecedented crisis. Hence, we decided on this initiative: Social Good 55 (SG55)

What is Social Good 55?

9th August 2020 is Singapore's 55th birthday. In celebration of our nation's 55th birthday, we want to benefit 55 non-profit and charity organisations in a meaningful way. We hope to spread love and make donations in kind to these organisations, donating items that they really need. The 55 organisations will be selected by our team and will cover a wide spectrum of charity causes. We are game for this challenge and we aim to complete this mission by 9th August.

How do we intend to achieve Social Good 55?

WeCare Pack will be looking to purchase specific items from the wish lists of these 55 organisations. Donation-in-kind are preferred as it impacts the organisations directly, and it is an area they need help with the most. We can all use a little help.

Social Good 55 is a commitment from WeCare Pack to give back to the society at large.

Let us know if you wish to help or have any ideas for collaboration! Email us at

Till then, keep a look out for our updates over at Social Good 55.

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