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8 unique and non-conventional employee Care Packs gifting ideas

Showing care and concern through a thoughtful gift sometimes goes a long way. Not only does it show the well meaning intent of the sender (on behalf of the organisation), it also doubles up as a very practical and useful idea.
Here are some thematic gift ideas you may wish to consider to customise for your co-worker/colleague or employee the next time:
  1. The Eco-Warrior Care Pack: This care pack includes sustainable and eco-friendly items such as reusable water bottles, bamboo utensils, organic snacks, and eco-friendly cleaning products.

  2. The Work-From-Home Wellness Care Pack: This care pack focuses on promoting wellness during remote work. It can include items like ergonomic desk accessories, stress-relief tools, healthy snacks, and online fitness class subscriptions.

  3. The Mindful Moments Care Pack: This care pack encourages mindfulness and relaxation. It can include mindfulness journals, guided meditation apps, essential oils, calming teas, and stress-relief items.

  4. The Office Energizer Care Pack: This care pack aims to boost energy and productivity at the office. It can include energizing snacks, motivational desk decor, desk exercises cards, and brain-boosting puzzles or games.

  5. The Healthy Habits Care Pack: This care pack promotes healthy lifestyle choices. It can include fitness trackers, healthy recipe books, portion control tools, herbal teas, and nutritious snacks.

  6. The Coffee Connoisseur Care Pack: This care pack is perfect for coffee lovers. It can include specialty coffee beans, coffee mugs, a coffee grinder, and artisanal coffee syrups or creamers.

  7. The Adventure Seeker Care Pack: This care pack is for those with a sense of adventure. It can include outdoor essentials like portable camping gear, travel-sized toiletries, adventure books, and healthy energy bars.

  8. The DIY Master Care Pack: This care pack caters to DIY enthusiasts. It can include DIY kits for crafts or home improvement projects, tools, instructional books or videos, and creative supplies.

Bear in mind to tailor the care packs to suit your employees' interests and preferences, ensuring that they receive a unique and personalized experience. Better yet, reach out to us at for a non-obligatory consultation and we will be happy to customise an employee care package to your requirements. 

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